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GENED is the perfect brandable domain for a genetic research or a biopharmaceutical company. The science of gene editing is advancing at a rapid pace. Humans have been genetically modifying organisms for thousands of years from the breeding of animals, the domestication of wolves into dogs, and the creation of corn are but a few early examples. In the future, genetic editing will allow us to remove the genes responsible for genetic disorders before birth. This is of course a wondrous achievement, but there is also a dark side to the technology. People will be able to custom order babies to exact specifications including: eye color, hair color, height, and perhaps even intelligence and personality. Gene editing is a technology that holds great promise, but it is also one that must be wielded with care. is a marvelous brand to capitalize on these upcoming trends.

The Future of #Genetics.  #GeneticRevolution #Blockchain #Hashing #GeneticEngineering #Cannabis

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